"Established last century, Maintenance Mick (formerly Screws 'n Bolts) is the handyman brainchild of Mick Malloy, and no, I'm not the Mick Molloy from the telly."


Pick the biggest tool...

Telly Mick is half my height and twice my weight and a specialist in comedy, whereas I'm a specialist in high maintenance... and boy, do I know about high maintenance after living with a Virgo for thirty years. 

Seriously, high maintenance for me is about quality service. I've been hammering, screwing and bolting my way around Byron Shire for 15 years so whether it's a cost proportionate, undetectable repair to a coffee table or extricating your toddler from a locked bedroom within minutes of calling, I'm your man.

A catchy, corporate slogan encompassing all that I offer would normally be the go here, but since the ANZ jubilantly vomited up 'We live in your world', I can't stomach them, especially given maggots also live in my world.


Levelling about me

I'm Mick Malloy, the Mick bit of 'Maintenance Mick Handyman'. 

My Virgo and I arrived in Byron in 2002, a time when you didn't have to mortgage your house for a schooner of Rescue Remedy. My first handyman gig in town was a three year, eye-opening stint at The Arts Factory Backpacker Lodge, one of the town's largest backpacker's. There's never a shortage of new and interesting things to repair in a backpacker's, but hey, if you were a young German travelling Australia why wouldn't you celebrate Oktoberfest with a bonfire on a treated pine boardwalk?



All the handymen in Byron are a bit odd
— Valerie, Belongil (clearly she meant 'unique')
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— Lucy Ashley, Shuck Oysters Ballina
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— Pam Scarborough, Byron Bay
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— Tanya O'Neil, Destination Byron
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— Neil Cameron, LJ Hookers, Byron Bay
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— Mercedes Lazarou, Unique Estates, Byron Bay


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